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Alternate Lives

The 10,000 Hats of Phoebe Zeitgeist

Hi! I'm Phoebe, and I am the horrible example of what happens to a girl who fails to resist the dark allure of crack_van. Once upon a time, I was almost a stranger to LJ. Then I stumbled upon a writeup of Yami no Matsuei there; and the next thing I knew I was a drooling addict who'd not only gotten her own LJ but was pushing the stuff herself. Take warning from my sad fate, and turn away from those people offering you candy.

What you'll find here: YnM fic, when I manage to finish any. (I'm the world's slowest writer, so it's not that frequent an event. But what there is of it is linked from this post -- don't bother looking for tags, I never figured out how to use them.) Some occasional meta. Also the occasional ramble about politics, and the usual random tales from real life. The Kuroshitsuji fic and meta is mostly on my Dreamwidth journal, which isn't entirely mirrored over here.

Friending: Everybody's welcome: I always feel flattered when anybody wants to read this stuff. I don't check my list that often, because I'm a big geek and I forget to do it -- it's taken me a year to remember that I should probably put up some user info, which gives you an idea -- but if I know you're around for the fic, and you actually want to see the occasional WIP that I stick up behind flock, tell me and I'll try to remember to do something about it.

Warnings, Just In Case: If by some peculiar and unlikely chance you actually want to read my stuff, and you have trigger issues, please do feel free to drop me a note and ask me about anything. (Commenting on some random non-fic post will do the trick; my sticky-note friending post has screened comments and everything.)

Please do consider doing this before reading anything of mine, whether it has warnings that make sense to you or not. I don't not-warn deliberately, but I'm absolutely rotten at figuring out what to warn for; I do write about characters who have issues and live under circumstances that might be triggery for some, and I'd rather not have anyone get hurt here. You won't be bothering me. Okay?


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